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Employee Theft and Drugs in the Workplace

Every year Companies all over the U.S lose billions of dollars to employee theft , embezzlement and time stolen for drug use in the workplace.

It can have vast effects on the company’s bottom line and business reputation by the public.

Tactical has the capabilities to put undercover investigations on your payroll to get the inside track of what’s really going on inside your company or organization.

We have years of experience in internal theft and embezzlement cases. We are thorough ,discreet and professional.

Look for these signs of potential internal theft or embezzlement.

1. You have an unexplainable decline in profit and a increase in expenses .

2. Rewritten accounting entries or missing documents.

3. Customers complaining about high or erroneous invoices.

4. Sudden notice of employees that are living obviously above their means or change in lifestyle.

5. An employee consistently arriving early, staying late, or working weekends on their own accord.

6.Employees you suspect of drug use or gambling issues.

7. The purchase of unnecessarily large quantities. Of products or services from a particular vendor.

If you have or suspect any of these signs in your business give Tactical a call today.
Not doing your due diligence can only make the problem worse.