Cohabitation Investigations

Tactical Private Investigations routinely conducts cohabitation investigations to find out and assess who is living at the residence. If as part of your divorce or child custody agreement or upcoming court case, no one else should be living in the home of your former partner – find out for sure. Information our private investigators have gathered has been extremely helpful in family court cases often resulting in a change in child support and alimony agreements. Our private investigators are able to provide information and evidence about who is living in the home and background information on those people, which is relevant if they are around your children.

Having an experienced licensed private investigator on your side can make a marked difference in the outcome of the legal case. The key is finding a private investigator that has the experience, training and knowledge needed. Tactical Private Investigations works for law firms, insurance companies, corporations and private citizens.

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Tactical’s Basic Starter Investigative Package

You can pay with a credit card and have your case worked in a Metro area in Louisiana that is listed below. Save money and time with this new package.

Qualifying Case locations must be in the following metro areas of Louisiana: Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Shreveport, Monroe, Ruston, Natchitoches, New Orleans and Metairie. If your area is not listed please contact us and we can check to see if we can cover your area before you book and pay with us online.

This is our starter Basic Investigative Package. It can be used for domestic cases, adultery, child custody, child and adult welfare checks, employee surveillance, workers comp-injury case, etc.

This package includes 4 hours of onsite surveillance. It has be in a metro area on our list. Travel time can not exceed 25 minutes to and from surveillance location. The first 45 miles are free. Mileage rates after the first 45 miles are charged at $0.80 per mile. This package also includes a basic profile background report and a written report if requested.

You can add additional hours onto surveillance package after the initial four hours are utilized at the rate of $80.00 per hour during the same trip.

To qualify for this rate package, it must be purchased online by credit card or PayPal and paid in full to be booked.

Usually within one hour or less from purchasing your investigative package online, one of Tactical’s investigators will call you to schedule the case.



There are a variety of reasons someone might need to have surveillance for a number of personal or
professional situations. Whether you need to find someone to provide them with service or investigate a person in your life, each surveillance is normally unique and private. Get in touch with Tactical Private Investigations to discuss what you require and any further details about your situation.

All of the employees at Tactical Private Investigations are dedicated to the privacy, security, and legality of the surveillance service we provide. We will keep your personal details, information, documents, and privacy protected from prying eyes.

Tactical Private Investigations is a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), every employee holds him/herself up to the highest standards of the legal profession. Each surveillance is done under the guidelines of the law and with the highest level of professionalism.

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Bug Sweeps

Businesses and employees alike are struggling to make ends meet and normal law abiding citizens are resulting to drastic measures. Employees are spying on employers, stealing private information and selling them to their competitors. Also, hackers are paid to infiltrate corporate network systems and reveal compromising data to the highest bidder.

Tactical Private Investigations understands that in a competitive marketplace, insuring your company assets is of the utmost importance. Through complex investigative techniques, such as covert and undercover surveillance, computer forensics, bug sweeps, and other state of the art investigative techniques.

As an individual, your piece of mind is our priority. If you believe someone is listening to your personal conversations, or feel as though your safety is being compromised, let our experienced, professional investigators conduct a complete Security Threat Assessment of your home or business.

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